Friday, December 7, 2007

Pretty Things

It is so nice to get a little package in the mail. Yesterday I received this little envelope of treasures from Marilyn Healey, she does art collage work and uses the sweetest pictures, papers and soft pink colours that are so yummy! I hope to get back to her shop for more pretty things. I still have a real softness in my heart for the colour pink, now I am in love with baby pink. I have been busy in the evenings while the Christmas cartoons are on, sewing a few little hearts. I just love the ones I have seen on different blogs and set out to try a few of my own. These ones are made from tea dyed fabrics with lace pieces and old brooches, one has little angel wings and a cross on it, my fave. Well finishing up my decorations for the season, hung a few garlands about the house and will do my tree this weekend. Happy Christmas Advent!


  1. Ummm. Kelly, your photos are just wonderful! I love it when you post and I get to see what you're up to. Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday season....xxoo, Dawn

  2. They are indeed lovely! I love that powder-y baby pink tone as well. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Have a super weekened!
    kind regards from Finland

  3. Totally love your work and blog

    hugs from the north of Sweden

  4. These are all go to my blog and see YOUR gorgeous things hanging in my home! I'm really thrilled with them Kelly.

    Thanks again - have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Thank you everyone! Have a Blessed Advent!
    Hugs from Canada

  6. Hi Kelly I love all of your new items, your hearts are really vintagey but fresh and pretty. I too like that peachy pink colour and the tag is divine, everything is looking welcoming and festive.
    Happy advent
    Lynn xx

  7. Happy Birthday old friend!!! I pray you have a great year! Lots of love, Sam
    Hi to your family!

  8. Hi, I just found your beautiful blog via Flickr, and I just love it. I will add you to my blog list of charming sites, so I can come and visit you often.

    Nice meeting you



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