Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woodland Tea

I have been watching lately the Edible Garden, which is truly one of my favorite garden shows. Alys Fowler made some delicious looking lavender biscuits. of course i had to find the recipe and found it from here. I made a small patch first and added just small amount of dried lavender, since years and years ago i made lavender biscuits with another recipe and I could not eat them. Well, i must show these biscuits to you and made a little woodland tea party of it...

i am just dreaming what kind of cookies i will bake with this recipe next time.
chocolate, ginger, raspberry, honey, lemon...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fresh New Look

I did a bit of housecleaning on my blog to give it a fresh spring clean new look, I love the old 18 century woodcuts depicting victorian lifestyles, gardens, so I thought I would use this one for now to wash away the gray days of winter. I have a added a couple of new items to the shop a Lovely
Portfolio that I made inspired by the one used by Miss Potter in the movie, I loved it so much that i set out to make one of my own, and one for the shop of course.

I used some old calico vintage fabrics in muted shaded of peach and rose so very pretty for spring, makes for a lovely drawing tablet if you go out and do some sketching in the park, the inside is made of study artist board and I have added 2 fabric pockets on the inside for pencils and paints and papers, it ties shut with black ribbons and is quite durable and large in size.

I have worked on a few little watercolors of pretty period dresses inspired by the books of Jane Austen, and her lovely ladies in regency style dresses.
Happy dreams of spring to you, as the last bits of snow melts away and the little buds start to show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow and Valentines

It snowed and blowed yesterday and while the weather outside was frightful thinking of a few ways to brighten up a February day....lovely bright red Valentines, I keep some of my holiday greenery up and red bows till after Valentines day just to cheer up the gray days and my little gingham heart stayed on my front door even after the blizzard last night.

My cat Suki stayed in the window and watched as I dug out from the storm, she longs for a sunny spot and spring days, but for now she enjoys the view of birds and squirrels that live in the nearby bushes.

I am working on some Nature Journals with my daughter and have ordered a few books on the topic some that are used for Homeschooling. I have decided that as an enrichment study to introduce her to these topics at home, since the school curriculm does not have a very diverse art and nature study. I will share some of the journals with you as well as the book that I selected.
Stay warm and happy tea times to you.