Monday, May 31, 2010

Some very pretty house share, love the lamps in the kitchen...

Very pretty, my cat would love that bed....

I like the idea of the bench at the table.....

White is nice, but not when you have animals and kids.......maybe taupe.

I like the painted firescreen and the portaits they make the room......

tucked under the fav kind of beds and wallpaper, very english and cozy.

now, lets go see what we can do with our place!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty Packages & Blossoms

I have been doing a bit of gardening this week and couldn't help look through my fence into my neighbours backyard, there was some really beautiful flowers over there that I had to I crept around the fence in my yard and ducked down under the pine trees to get a couple of pictures of these beauties.

I have never seen a large blooming Poppy Flower like this before I just love the colour so vibrant. and the Irisis are so pretty in my fav colours of mauves and lilacs, I figured that if I was caught red-handed I would just say I could'nt help myself.
My little helpers in the garden.

Some of my packages that went out in the mail this week.

A picture of a lovely perfume shop in Paris France I thought I would share......

P.S. this book I have been reading is excellent please do visit her website to find out more, it's worth the trip....

have a sweet smelling day......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello everyone, just a few new changes to announce this week, as artists we constantly have to re-invent ways to market ourselves in this internet day and age, sometimes it can be mindboggling and a huge time burner to keep up with the jones so to speak, so to keep things rather simple and easy for me to work and add my new creations to without relearning a new website design or auction site I will have most of my artwork and prints for sale on my blog and as well as in my etsy shop, I am currently re-loading all of my work back onto etsy and flicker so check back for updates.

my latest update is the

The Witches Garden Shop

Here you will find me hand-gilding Book Of Shadows pages and dedicating each one to the Witch who will be the keeper of the book.
I will include one of my handmade bookmarks which is signed and sealed with a magickal infused wax of Vervain, Jasmine, "Heliotrope" one of my favorite oils.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lilac Blooms

With all the pretty blooms out now my favourite is the Lilac, the scent is so wonderful and the colors are so beautiful. I have been doing some sketching of blossoms I am working on a Cherry Blossom page for my Book Of Shadows Collection of Illustrations right now I just love the colors and delicate blooms, there are so many perfumes out that I have seen right now with Cherry Blossom scents, I shall have to try one out, every time I go into the post office I stop into the drug mart and try on a sample of perfume and look at all the pretty bottles. Here is a page from my Book Of Shadows called The Lilac.
The Lilac Flower Page Painting done in pen and ink and watercolor, part of my personal Book Of Shadows Pages, I enjoyed doing each herb and researching the magical properties and history behind it, I blended this into an artwork page that looks lovely either in a frame or in a Book Of Shadows.
To order this page send a paypal payment of $6.00, includes postage
to my paypal email address

Thursday, May 6, 2010

~Garden Visitors~

My daughter found a new pet in the garden a little snail she calls her Shelly and made a little house for her to sleep in with some pretty flower blooms to sleep on, sweet dreams little one...

My cat Ming was saying hello to the new friend. Lost of pretty bleeding hearts are blooming now, they are one of my favorites along with for-get-me-nots.
Still planning for a fairy party, some of the pretty blue blossoms will look perfect on lemon tarts.

Fairy wishes to all!