Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday decor

Here is some pictures from a beautiful magazine Vakre Hjem Norwegian Homes I believe it means correct me if I am wrong. I love the simple styles they show in themes of white.

Well i think I will put up my tree today or tomorrow, I have put up garlands of plain pine and my daughters favourite Christmas village. Boy this month flies better get cracking. We had a early snowstorm on Sunday at least a foot of snow, so everyone is heading out to the stores to shop now they see the white stuff. I have 4 birthdays this week including mine to get things done for, one 5 year old for tonight, off to a play land for cake and pizza. Hope to get to Ikea sometime this week I love the cookies and Christmas decor, last year I bought the cutest gingerbread ornaments. Happy Tuesday.


  1. Hi,
    I´m new to Your blog. I love to read it and se all the beautiful pictures. I´m from Sweden but this magazine is one of my favorites...and I read a LOT of interial decorating magazines!
    Do come over and visit my blog ( I´ve just recently started)

  2. Yes, Vackre Hjem is a wonderful magazine. It means Beautiful Homes, and that is just what this magazine most often contains :)
    I love to read it(or more to look at the beautiful photos)!
    Mia (from Sweden)

  3. Kelly, hope the birthday for the 5 year old went well and many happy birthday wishes to you!!! December is a busy time of year and with birthdays added it becomes even more celebratory but hectic!

  4. Hi Kelly, I agree this is the most wonderful magazine, the pictures are out of this world. Mmm looks like you are in for a really busy week end, I really cannot seem to organise myself enough to even buy my tree yet!!
    Have the most lovely week end.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Hello
    VAKRE HJEM means Beautiful Homes. It's vonderful magaxin, I always count the days to the next publication day. I'm really curiouis to see whats new this spring, my home seems so empty after i sweept out christmas.
    Happy new year :o)
    Whoopsi Daisy

  6. Ups.... I have some spelling errors. I sorry, my english is not the best. Practice makes perfekt....i hope :o)


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