Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Across the Pond

Here is a few pictures I was so happy to see on Mary's blog Across The Pond. She purchased a few of my garlands and one of my favourite charms. I love the way she has them displayed in her home, so nice to see my work enjoyed by others. Thanks Mary, and you must visit her blog it is wonderful!


  1. Hi, I've been coming to visit you since I found your blog; I love it! I have added you to my blog list of "charming sites" so I can come and visit you often.

    Pl/visit me at my "house in the roses".

    Enjoy the Season


  2. I truly am loving the things I bought from you Kelly - they look so nice on YOUR blog as well as mine....and fabulous in the house!

    I'll be back to check out those Valentine treasures later.

    Love your new banner - everything is so pretty.


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