Friday, December 14, 2007

Let It Snow

Well it snowed all day yesterday, nice pretty falling snow with now winds. It reminded me of the movie Narina while Lucy walked through the wardrobe into the winter wonderland of snow swirling around the lamp post. I worked in the studio today filling some last pre Christmas orders, had some time to take a peek at this wonderful site lots of yummy things to drool over. Like this picture at the front of the magazine, love those candle holders.
Well back to work, I will be listing some pretty new lady journals and glass charms over the Christmas break, these will be a bit Valentine looking so watch for them.


  1. Kelly I love this photograph...such a lovely atmosphere it evokes!

  2. Wow it looks so cosy, I wish I had a room like that :)

  3. Hello Kelly, I just discovered your beautiful blog today. I'll be back for many more visits. I also looked at your etsy shop, lovely work...and I hearted you.


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