Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Harvest Feast

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are in Canada! I call ours a Harvest Feast well because of the fall harvest and my daughters favourite cartoon/book Little Bear. We decided to cook a turkey even though it it 30 degrees out, this global warming is frightening, we have never had that kind of weather this time of year. We did go for a warm fall walk in the morning and collected some pretty coloured leaves for our table, I like the Oak leaves and the Maples some with 4 colours on them. While the turkey cooked we decorated our table, had some Forest Berry tea and read a few Autumn stories, some of favourites Tasha Tudor's Time To Keep and some Halloween books, I love the illustrations of them.


  1. Hi Kelly, what a smashing spread, I think it looks fabulous, really festive, had you of been closer I'd have asked for an invite. Memories as lovely as this, that you make together with your daughter will be with you forever.
    Thanks for sharing xxxLynn

  2. Hey Kelly, Happy Harvest!!! It is a beautiful time of year, if only we could wear our cozy sweaters eh? We were roasting right along with the turkey this year too! Anyway, hi to your family and our best for a Happy Fall Season!

  3. Is that your table?
    Absolutely gorgeous, makes me wish that we had Thanksgiving over here.
    I'm quite jealous!

    Victoria x


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