Monday, October 22, 2007

Birds and Buttons

With so many artists in the business of making collage arts and paper crafts it is a challenge to keep abreast on what is new and what has been done by another artist. I tend to work by using colours and images of my personal taste and not just follow the latest trend, and if I do something of the latest trend I will add my own spin to it. I am working towards developing my own style and that will take time to evolve through experimentation in different mediums, I do find that when I really like something I have made maybe 6 months after I make it then I know that is me and my true style. I have had my shop The Dove's Nest open now for a year and I still enjoy the items of paper and ribbons that I have made so this is where I shall roost, in my nest, I love cutting pasting, ribboning, and adding glitter, making little packages, printing and graphic desinging items on the comupter, looking through old books and finding a forgotten image, that would look so beautiful on something, maybe a card, notebook, encased in a glass charm. When I set out to make something I think about where it would look nice, hung on a wall or draped on a mirror, then pick out colours, mostly soft neutral colours are appealing to me right now, with snippets of nature added to each piece, maybe a bird, nest, or something of fairies. This little paper garland is one of those pieces, made with four stamped bird images printed on ivory cardstock papers then hung on a ivory seam binding with little buttons added to the ribbon. I like the first bird image it is of a old book plate with calligraphy script. I have added this garland to the shop today. Before the season of angels and silver glitter falls upon us I will be taking a little break and working with colours and inspirations of nature.


  1. Hi Kelly
    I enjoyed reading this post very much. How much you love your work or rather your 'art' really shines through, I think it is obvious just looking at the pretty items you create how talented you are, but it was so interesting to have an insight into other aspects.
    I don't live near a Cabbages and Roses shop, but my mother and I meet in London now and again for a girly day out and thats where we head for first, you have to save up though, it's pretty hard on the purse strings, we mostly go to soak up the creative and beautiful decor and just drool and look, I always treat myself to some fabric, and buy my mom some flowers from the wonderful florist across the road that is really scrummy.

    Enough of my chatter have a divine week
    Hugs Lynn xx

  2. totally LOVE your work, style and blogg


    hugs from the north of sweden

  3. Hi Kelly! I have nominated you for the You Make Me Smile award. Please see my blog!



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