Saturday, October 20, 2007

Basket of Inspiration

This is one of my baskets that I sometimes carry around when working on putting together ideas for a piece. I like to stock it with glue sticks tags some old books some printed pages, ribbons and other oddments, this works well when you are trying to do collage pieces you can play around with a few things and leave them to look at them later. Working on a few new collage pieces for the shop in bird and flowers theme of course, garlands and charms.


  1. What a beautiful basket. Do you love organizing? I do...I have a sneaking feeling you do too. Its wonderful to share ideas like that to be inspired to try a new way or a new idea. I'm on the hunt for a new basket to hold my journal and pens for my morning reading. Something pretty and not too large but with a handle. Where do you shop for baskets?

  2. How pretty this basket looks...gosh you seem so organized, and I like the way it is all set out, a work of art in it's own right. I think I must take a tip from you here and get myself more organized, Thankyou!
    Hugs Lynn xx


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