Thursday, February 4, 2010

Very pleased to offer this lovely little original watercolor of "Miss Mouse" I was inspired by the Beatrix Potter Book Little Miss Tittlemouse when I drew and painted this cute girl, she is framed in a antique Victorian Album Paper Frame that was from a book dated 1847, the lovely illustrations and colors look very peaceful and enchanting, Miss Mouse is in my shop today. Now I am off for a cup of English Breakfast Tea and then to tend to some valentines waiting to be packaged up and sent off to wonderful new homes.

I have listed another sweet Tasha Tudor Vintage Valentine in the shop today as well, this one was made by the Jenny Wren Press, I love the little Corgi watching the children giving Kisses!

I have included in this post some instructions from the book Drawn From New England on making a Valentine and Tussie Mussie, these were made by Tasha Tudor and her family and delivered by Sparrow Post. If you wish to make some to share with your children I think it would be fun to carry on this very sweet tradition.

In my house we have a dollhouse which has it's own little mailbox (tiny basket) and I like to put things in there, when my daughter comes home, she likes to see if the Calico Critters have any mail , they might just get an invitation to tea with the cats!

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