Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Narnia Winter Wonderland
Here is some pictures of my enchanting winter day!

We had a winter snow storm here yesterday, it started in the afternoon and kept going until late last night, it was a pretty soft falling snow and we went outside in the evening twilight for a magical winter walk around our street , everything thing looked so different covered in snow white and peaceful and quiet, we turned on our tree lights from Christmas again so we could enjoy the snow and make a snowman,

I think I might have spotted a magical Faun dashing by the Lamppost could that be Mr. Tumums from Narania, my daughter thought it could be so we went to take a closer look. We missed having a white Christmas this year so better late than never!

I enjoyed watching the snow falling with my cup of Hot cococa and big large marshmallows and working on a stitching sampler that I plan to make into a pillow.


  1. All so soft and serene. And your work is beautiful.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and fresh awhen it snows, doesn't it? It seems to erase all the things that we wopuld rather not see due to modern living. Your neighborhood looks lovely.



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