Monday, January 18, 2010

Today I walked by the lake and through the trails in the nearby brush, the scenery of the wilds looked different somehow silent and sleeping, the tall grasses blew with the strong gusts of wind, the sumac trees looked gnarled and twisted with bittersweet red clumps of growth on the ends of the branches, I gathered a few dried yarrows and thistles, wandering down futher in a small tree was a little sparrows nest, very tiny looked like a small cup. I was invigorating and wonderful to walk in the winds even on a cold day I try to spend some time in nature to reflect upon its beauty, it always inspires me to create, draw and dream. I brought home my wee woodland treasures and sat them down at my art table, I will draw some of the things that I find today, while I sit and drink my English Breakfast Tea and nibble on some tiny tea biscuits.

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