Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Storybook Necklace

"The Childe Wynd"

Today I looked around my art room to find a spark of inspiration, I have been drawn to working with story necklaces right now, looking though my collections of vintage costume jewelery and taking bits and pieces from each, once I have a theme in mind it could be sparked by an old tin type photo or a pretty tarnish piece of silverware they speak to me and give me images of graceful and unique designs.

This necklace is one I made using bits from nature, the feeling of cool breeze, clouds, white clouds, and blue sky, sparkling, sunlight from a frozen tree branch. This is my Story Necklace "The Childe Wynd"
I have added this newly created piece to my shop Victorian Woodlands.

The pale blue beads and mother of pearl buttons, twisted with the prettiest blue wire, and a gorgeous drop butterfly in silver pewter with wee blue stones, the wood is a fallen piece of alder in which I have used my old typewriter to spell the words out "The Childe Wynd"

I have just purchased Rachel Ashwells latest book and the photography is just excellent, the old worn finishes that she has in her home living along with bits and pieces of silverware and crystal dropped lamps, old worm silk cushions, lovely , I have heard this type of decor called Vintage Boudiour.

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