Monday, October 12, 2009

Give Thanks

We had a nice Thanksgiving feast yesterday, it was just a small one with just our animals and ourselves so we made way to much to eat and now have to get out side in the almost zero weather and do some fall cleanup in the yard to work of all that stuffing. I tried my own recipe for stuffing this year since I am not a huge meat eater I like different veggie and combination side dishes, we mixed up a big bowl of nice bits of bread and pretty red fresh cranberries, bit of crushed chestnuts and onions and a mixture of herbs from basil to nutmeg they result was very enjoyable and I will have to do it again on the next roast dinner we prepare!

In giving thanks this weekend I reflect on how we are fortunate to have a home and food and our health and each other over this time and wish to all of you and your families the same.

I have been working on some creations for the up-coming Early Work update,
some holiday inspired pieces and wood painted silhouettes of a pair Christmas Sisters "Holly and Ivy" and a few Folk Styled Framed Papercuttings in a festive theme.
So please come back to visit my page that will be updated this week with new goodes.

I was lucky enough on our little walk through the park the other day to find some nicely colored fall leaves to decorate our table and we found mixed through the leaves near the rose garden lots of fallen but still fresh looking rose petals from the dozens of rose bushes, the strong winds we have had must a stripped most of the petals of these late bloomers so I did take a few handfuls to put in some bowls for a pretty Autumn Pot Pourri. My daughter put up her colorful paper Turkey so cute.....! she made in school this week and a few of her coloring pages to add to our table decorations. These 2 little Pagoda Blue dishes we a find at a sale this summer and I have yet to come across any more of the pattern, they remind much of Tasha Tudor's blue and white Canton China that she paints in her illustrations, and that she used for tea time every day.

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