Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does Etsy Hide Behind Beurocrey

I wondered the other day when I went to log into my etsy store why it had dissapeared! How could that be I pay my invoices they are up to date I have over 400 positive feedbacks and maybe one or 2 customers that I have the odd problem with. So after I limped around the Etsy site trying to find some help and after emailing them a dozen or more times only to receive standard letter replies what the heck kind of company treats paying customers like that!

I went off of ebay years ago because to the same type of treatment you are either too little for them to bother and not big enough for them to care!

Here is a link to a online forum about this Esty Extortion Proceedures

This is unbelievable to me. I mean I already knew that Etsy did close stores over one complaint, without contacting the seller first or even asking for their side of the story. That’s happened to enough other people that it no longer surprises me. But the shocking thing here is they are doing this to over 500 people sellers, and their top income producers.

I know whenever this happens someone says “well that’s just one side of the story, how do we know the seller is telling the truth?”
Feedback doesn’t lie.

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