Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Toy Rabbit & Lady Emma Silhouette

These two paintings are my reproductions of originals from the 19th Century. A silhouette of a 19th century lady featuring a lovely detailed lace collar and hair bun set on a background of fawn umber paint. I have painted this on wood using acrylics and gave it a matte finish. In the Toy Rabbit painting, I have a little girl in her red dress holding her favorite pet toy rabbit set against a traditional 1800's style background. They each have a wood painted black frame, see photos. This, and all of my paintings are handpainted, I do not paint over a print or a photocopy, I start out with a plain piece of wood or canvas. I have signed the front of this paintings and the back is covered in a rose calico vintage paper with my studio seal. I am offering these originals on ebay through auction here if you may be interested.

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