Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have been reading a sweet little book by Laura Ingalls Wilder and it is so light and refreshing, I prefer stories like this about simple times and life in the past. Here is a little quote from her book On The Banks Of Plum Creek

"For going to town Ma made a new dress for Carrie, from the pink calico that Laura had worn when she was little. There was enough of it to make Carrie a little pink sunbonnet. Carrie's hair had been in curl-papers all night. It hung in long, golden, round curls, and when Ma tied the pink sunbonnet strings under Carrie's chin, Carrie looked like a rose.
Ma wore her hoop skirts and her best dress, the beautiful challis with little strawberries on it, that she had worn to the sugaring dance at Grandma's long ago in the Big Woods."

I have finished a little watercolor that depicts a little girl from that time period dressed in a calico pinafore with a pretty berry apron and her little sewing pocket and strawberry emery at her waist, her name is Hitty. This little picture I have framed in black and finished the back with pretty rose calico paper and burlap twine for hanging.

I have a few little new works that will be available on The Primitive Gathering update Aug. 15th.
so please visit.

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  1. I love Laura Wilder too
    your artwork looks great!
    my compliments!!!


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