Monday, August 3, 2009

Saying goodbye to July this weekend, for me that sort of was a welcoming thing to do, this month has been quite busy, sometimes life goes on that way where everything needs seen to at once! Well I feel that August has some relaxing energy in her winds so lets hope for that. Our weather here has been quite unusual and stormy/floody this past month, my garden has taken the toll, must read the farmer's almanac next year before I plant anything, I must say that my daughters pumpkins are doing exceptionally well, she threw the whole package of seeds in near the fence in the spring and now I have monster vines trailing across my backyard....with huge orange flowers blooms on them, we made need to open a pumpkin stand in the front of our house this fall!!! I will show you a picture of them soon!

I have taken a small break from drawing this month to work on some folk art painting on my little pantry boxes with a few new stencil designs and colours to try. I use these little boxes for so many things, one on every table, for sewing, jewelery, crayons, candies and whatever on my nightstand.

I have also made a pretty set of earings for a trial on myself, I had ordered the sweetest little brass doves and ear hooks, so soon they will be for sale in my shopling.

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