Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I woke up today with a terrible sore throat, I felt a bit punky heading to bed last night, welcome the season of colds! I just started to beef up on my vitamins last week, since my daughter headed back to school I figured I better get ahead of those bugs on the go in the schools and prepare, our bodies have been on a break over the summer. It felt like fall this morning, it was so cool I headed straight for my sock drawer in search of those thick squishy socks, it feels so different walking around the house, well cosier, I do like the cooler weather and the snuggy clothes. I did take a few pictures today and cleaned a bit, here is one of my favorite corners in my house right now, heading to the upstairs I have a little night light set amongst some of my cherished pieces, a little nightgown on a hanger and my old chair and cushion, I hung some of my charms here too and I love to look at them when I pass by.
I was lucky to find this old painted wood footed bowl and these big balls of thread at one of my last garage sales. Well that is all for now, I have stocked up my store with some more charms this week and will be adding a angel garland too. Take care.

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