Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I woke up today with a terrible sore throat, I felt a bit punky heading to bed last night, welcome the season of colds! I just started to beef up on my vitamins last week, since my daughter headed back to school I figured I better get ahead of those bugs on the go in the schools and prepare, our bodies have been on a break over the summer. It felt like fall this morning, it was so cool I headed straight for my sock drawer in search of those thick squishy socks, it feels so different walking around the house, well cosier, I do like the cooler weather and the snuggy clothes. I did take a few pictures today and cleaned a bit, here is one of my favorite corners in my house right now, heading to the upstairs I have a little night light set amongst some of my cherished pieces, a little nightgown on a hanger and my old chair and cushion, I hung some of my charms here too and I love to look at them when I pass by.
I was lucky to find this old painted wood footed bowl and these big balls of thread at one of my last garage sales. Well that is all for now, I have stocked up my store with some more charms this week and will be adding a angel garland too. Take care.


  1. If your into herb stuffs (I am big time) we use Immunoboost by Herbs Ect. at the beginning of the school year as well as vitamine D drops. Also Goldenseal is a standby the we don't live without. Trying to keep those bugs out is dilegent work but worth it...feel better soon. Sam

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I'm here from Flickr, some of your photos caught my eye and I thought I'd see what your blog was like... Just lovely and I love your use of color.
    Hope you're feeling better. Yes, once the kids are back at school the germs start hitting. We've already had strep go through the house. Feel better & drink some tea ;)
    Good to meet you.
    My Petite Maison

  3. Your vignettes are blissfully serene!


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