Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty Packages & Blossoms

I have been doing a bit of gardening this week and couldn't help look through my fence into my neighbours backyard, there was some really beautiful flowers over there that I had to I crept around the fence in my yard and ducked down under the pine trees to get a couple of pictures of these beauties.

I have never seen a large blooming Poppy Flower like this before I just love the colour so vibrant. and the Irisis are so pretty in my fav colours of mauves and lilacs, I figured that if I was caught red-handed I would just say I could'nt help myself.
My little helpers in the garden.

Some of my packages that went out in the mail this week.

A picture of a lovely perfume shop in Paris France I thought I would share......

P.S. this book I have been reading is excellent please do visit her website to find out more, it's worth the trip....

have a sweet smelling day......

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