Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lilac Blooms

With all the pretty blooms out now my favourite is the Lilac, the scent is so wonderful and the colors are so beautiful. I have been doing some sketching of blossoms I am working on a Cherry Blossom page for my Book Of Shadows Collection of Illustrations right now I just love the colors and delicate blooms, there are so many perfumes out that I have seen right now with Cherry Blossom scents, I shall have to try one out, every time I go into the post office I stop into the drug mart and try on a sample of perfume and look at all the pretty bottles. Here is a page from my Book Of Shadows called The Lilac.
The Lilac Flower Page Painting done in pen and ink and watercolor, part of my personal Book Of Shadows Pages, I enjoyed doing each herb and researching the magical properties and history behind it, I blended this into an artwork page that looks lovely either in a frame or in a Book Of Shadows.
To order this page send a paypal payment of $6.00, includes postage
to my paypal email address

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  1. I adore this! Lilac is my favorite flower, and scent. I do LOVE cherry blossoms, though. Are you planning on posting images of your other flower pages? This is such a great thing to include in a BoS! I wish I could draw or paint, then I'd include something like this in mine...
    Good luck with your art, and keep smelling the flowers!


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