Thursday, March 25, 2010

I purchased this vintage camel pea coat on etsy, from seller gottabvintage, I just love it I wore it today out on my library run....and thought I would share a few of the great pictures from this book I picked up called Thrifty Chic.....

I also picked up a couple of books I had on hold...Beatrix Potter Life In Nature

this decor book is worth a look, lots of great ideas on every page

I love the kitchen in this pic, I want to take my cupboards out and do just shelves.

love the old silverware and mis-matched china, very English Cottage looking.
Now back to my cup of tea...I made this little fly cover for my milk jug from some pieces of my lace collection added a few buttons, these were used in Victorian times, before our lovely plastic lids came in to the world.

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