Friday, June 12, 2009

Lately I have been making weekly visits to the library with my daughter, she loves picture books and so do I! I spend lost of time looking through the children's section, I get lots of inspiration from the artwork and illustrations. Here is a copy of Rapunzel that is just so beautiful, the art is such a similar style to French and Italian old masters, I love the fact that this illustrator put a Siamese cat in each of the pictures, fun to look for!

I took a few pictures of some wall arrangements I have played around with, using thrift store frames and white plates, I like the way it looks on my wall.

This was such an amazing vine of star flower clematis I have to take a picture of it, these flowers looked so large and different it was hard to imagine them as real! I spotted this trellis on my dog walk just around the corner from my house. The lady was out in her garden so I asked her what they were! Maybe she uses Miracle Grow!

Here is a few wildflowers that we picked along our trail walk over the weekend, I know one it a Buttercup, not sure about the others.

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