Friday, June 5, 2009

I have been busy the past week with outside gardening and inside creating in my studio!
Here is a few pics of my front yard little herb garden, I have been adding some found rock in between my plants to keep them from spreading all over, the Lemon Thyme is very large this year so I cut some of and moved it out back, I have Wooley Thyme in there, makes a nice ground cover and smells so good, some Ecinachia, Lavender, and this week I added a small sage plant and cat mint, for the kitties.

I like gardening, I really never thought I would years ago but now I find that being outside and care taking a small area of plants a very meditational process. I have encouraged my daughter to help with planting and tell her about the plants, we got some snapdragons for her to plant, and she really believes that they will open their mouths and bite! We got brave and started a small Vegetable garden in the back yard, nothing like fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, peas and beans! Well the rabbits ate my lettuces! I will try to grow some morning glory vines in the middle of the garden to cover my iron garden fixture.

I added a few new brooches to the shop over the past week, I enjoyed working with the velvet ribbon.

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I certainly agree about fresh veggies. I love gardening. I didn't have time when my children were small, but now that they are grown, I love it. Your brooches are just lovely.


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