Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Artist

I think my daughter shares the same interest in art as me! I am really impressed by her drawings that she has been working on lately, she just goes off and works on a picture and them comes back and shows me, I really started to notice some talent when she showed me this sunset picture and the Horse she made, and the heart with all the designs around it! I know what to get her for Christmas! Art Stuff! I have kept all her work and put them into a booklet so we can look back to see what she has done, she works on journals too, amazing art her age, but I guess I have groomed her along the way, with what I do. This week she brought home a book from the library called Georiga's Bones, she picked it out herself, most times she will get something like My Little Pony, but she liked this one, I like it too, it is a children's book about the artist Georgia O Keefe, the pictures are wonderful, it tells the story about her as a child growing up and attracted to things in nature, she loves to draw and paint and grows up to be an artist.

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