Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Artist

I think my daughter shares the same interest in art as me! I am really impressed by her drawings that she has been working on lately, she just goes off and works on a picture and them comes back and shows me, I really started to notice some talent when she showed me this sunset picture and the Horse she made, and the heart with all the designs around it! I know what to get her for Christmas! Art Stuff! I have kept all her work and put them into a booklet so we can look back to see what she has done, she works on journals too, amazing art her age, but I guess I have groomed her along the way, with what I do. This week she brought home a book from the library called Georiga's Bones, she picked it out herself, most times she will get something like My Little Pony, but she liked this one, I like it too, it is a children's book about the artist Georgia O Keefe, the pictures are wonderful, it tells the story about her as a child growing up and attracted to things in nature, she loves to draw and paint and grows up to be an artist.


  1. Oh no doubt your daughter will probobly carry on her mothers legacy.:)
    When I was in elementary school I picked out books solely for their illustrations I think and would try to draw the ones I really liked. I love those days.
    Take care!

  2. How super sweet! My little 2 1/2 yr. old grandson is all about art these days. He draws and colors constantly and playdough is a big favorite right now. I hope to see his dad's talent blossom in him someday as yours is blossoming through your daughter. Isn't it amazing to see their talents and potential develop? Tell her that her art is wonderful!


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