Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Belles

My daughter was a flower girl in her cousin Sarah's wedding last Saturday, they all looked so pretty. We had a fun day, they wedding was at a historical house near the Grand River, very pretty grounds for pictures, we dodged lightning and rain to get some pictures done, but it worked out fine. I had a visitor in my purse....I went to grab my camera to get a picture of them coming down the isle and there was a frog in my purse!!!!! Luckily I kept my composure and didn't scream, he was only a little guy, so the ring bearer took him and held him for a bit.


  1. That is too funny!!!! What a beautiful bride and your sweetie looks so adorable. Time is flying.

  2. That really made me laugh. I don't think I would have been calm.
    Your daughter and bride both were so pretty.


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