Monday, August 25, 2008

I wonder why?

Well many of you who have paid a visit to my blog over the past year have probably wondered why I have changed my banner and name so many times. I just to let you know that I have been playing with different ideas and themes, maybe I should get into web design that way I can play for other people. I think I have settled back to my original name for my blog "The Dove's Nest" partly because it is the only name my daughter remembers, and she proudly tells people that she works in The Dove's Nest! The other reason would be that the word Nest I am fond of and us it in my garlands, charms and other pieces I create. I like to incorporate bits of nature to my work even if it is just a colour from a leaf or small bird, these are earth based colors that give warmth to a room and heart.
I hope to launch a small website later this fall that will include many of my paper designs for purchase along with some artwork, prints and wee paper bundles. If there is any thing you would like me to bring back or create please leave a note for me on my blog, love to hear from you.

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