Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unconditional Love

This is my angel card reading for today, it is a thread that runs through all our lives, whether it be us or someone else as the giver. Unconditional love of self is the concept of loving yourself regardless of external conditions. This includes not denying yourself/your feelings in favor of others. Ultimately in this action a person will have to move away from others who do not love them without condition or teach them to. This idea could be considered imperative to increasing the amount of love one feels. If a person is looking outside him or herself for love they may never find unconditional love or even enough love to be happy. Unconditional love of self is considered the foundation for unconditional love because of this. Once a person is able to love him or herself without condition they will be able to love others without condition. Unconditional love of self is most often used in conjunction with self acceptance as a way to bring the self to a place of well being.

For many people this is not very easy to understand, probably because people have used the term to demand more love from a person than possible for that person to give. And when the person in demand was unable to fulfill the expectations of the other they were accused of not loving without condition. This is a false definition that would actually be more synonymous with guilt or guilt-trip. It is difficult/impossible to define unconditional self love or unconditional love when people put expectations on it that can ultimately end up in dis-appointment .

"Loving is sharing, and not demanding, or expecting, harboring resentment also known as a grudge."
An example of this form is cat Suki in the photo. Animals are great silent teachers.

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