Friday, June 13, 2008

Lady Elenore

You may have noticed some changes in my shop and blog lately, I have been going back to my roots and working with my paper cutting and watercolors and favorite holiday decor All Hallow's Eve.
I love making these pretty Hallow's Eve Wands, when I am inspired and in the mood I have to go with it, even if the holiday is months away, it is nice to get them out ahead of time. I was at some great garage sales over the past weekend and found some perfect little baskets, a whole box! I wanted to use them in my paper art so I searched for the perfect Queen Anne Style Doll which is over a hundred years old, lucky to have found this clear image to work with, she is mounted on a paper stand holding a pretty scripted paper heart, and in her little basket she carries 4 other hearts to give to those she loves, I was lucky enough to find a little straw hat in that box so Lady Elenore wanted to wear that and it fits her just perfect.


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