Sunday, May 18, 2008

When I need to get motivated I start to move pictures and things around the house, it is a bit of a stress relief for me since I am not really into the exercise thing, well maybe yoga if and when I get the time. Well it is a rainy long weekend here and it bit cool out for outside garden work so I took a few photos of my Living Room and made a little collage with them. I see this done in different magazines and like to try it with my own photos for fun. I worked out a new way to display charms, I tied this initial charm to a stack of cover-less books with some gauze ribbon, I like the colors and the look of the time worn books...the large book is a old French History book and a few postcards tucked around to finish the little display. The one picture turned out a bit dark but I liked it anyway, this is of my kitchen window, I tea dyed the cotton table cloth and made it into a curtain, I like the way the sweet little lamp glows showing the different shades of lace and cotton curtains. I will be working on a few new journal designs and will post some pics when I am done. Have a great weekend!

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