Monday, May 5, 2008

Packing up Orders

Have had a busy week with many new wholesale inquiries and a few new wholesale orders. I spent a better part of my weekend getting this order ready to go to it's new home overseas. Cleaning a polishing charms and making sure they are packed up for a safe trip. I love they way the charms look on the wooden hanger clean and simple.


  1. Your work is so elegant and pretty!
    It really is lovely.

  2. Ohhh that looks so nice!! Would be perfect to hang on a wardrobe door handle :)

    You have a lovely blog x

  3. Hi Kelly - busy time of year with much gardening to do. Luckily we are having much needed rain at long last - everywhere now lush and so green. Stop by and see my front porch - there's a chair waiting for you and we'll have a cuppa!

    Your work continues to be so beautiful and I enjoy my purchases so much. How about some 'garden theme' charms in the future? How large can you make a charm? I might like one to hang at my entry - you can see it on my post today.

    Meanwhile, enjoy Spring and the weekend - and keep creating.
    Hugs - Mary.

  4. Hi Kelly, this is the first time I've seen your blog and I love it! Beautiful!


  5. That's great news, Kelly. You deserve it. Your charms are beautifully made!

  6. Such beautiful work!! I've added you to my favs.

  7. Oh my word~
    I've found a new favorite place.

    Your colour, your style. It's amazing, Kelly.

    My Petite Maison

  8. Congrats on the orders! These creations need to be on the market, they are wonderful!


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