Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ladies Hand

In my last post I mentioned that would create a new style of Journal. I have been busy looking through my many 19 th century images to find just the right combination for the cover of the journal. This little journal also features a little glass charm tied to it. The paper I used for the cover are from a Alphabet Practice for Ladies Script dated from the late 1800's. I listed this new journal in the shop today. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your lovely comments.


  1. Kelly, this is absolutely beautiful!!! As always your work is wonderful, xxoo, Dawn

  2. Hello Kelly
    Yesterday i tryed bying your beautifull Marie Antoinettes papers set - the last one-, and your Spring baby nest glass charm, only to learn that your not selling to Denmark.Now the fantastic set are gone i see, but I still want to ask you if its possible in any way to by from you when living in Denmark. I would love posessing some of your beautifull art.
    Dorthe from

  3. Exquisite. Lovin' your paperwork and displays. Keep it coming.

  4. So are gifted my friend. How's your sweetie? Did school go well? Almost done.


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