Sunday, January 20, 2008

January so far

Has been the month of bills! They say things come in threes ss maybe the bills will too. After a heafty car bill, was probably due to my hitting nasty potholes in our awful roads here. Then my poor cat has to have a minor surgery this week, well all I can say is thank heavens for Visa cards when you are really in a bind. Well to keep my spirits bright I have gone magazine shopping, well mostly flipping through them, the one I went home with is this months Sommerset it is well worth the price and includes some great features this month, and nice story on Sally Jean Alexander's business life, plus a great Marie Antoinete swap entries, pages of lovely Green inspired collage work with vintage photos and a section on Nature Diaries. I have looked at this magazine before and have walked away from it mostly because of it's content was very off the wall, but not this month. I looked at Feb Country Living US and put back on the shelf nothing really caught my eye, they really pump the medical ads in there now! Victoria Jan/Feb is a keeper I bought that one a few weeks ago, I enjoyed the section on Sharon Sowells Paper Art Studio here is a few pictures.
although the Dec one was not so great. I passed on the Jan/ Romantic Homes not enough eye candy for me. I am waiting for the Feb/Valentines issue, from what I have read on other blogs it looks good. I will wait again too for the Country Living UK and another British 25 Beautiful Homes to land on our soil, the December ones were excellent. The other books on my nightstand right now, one I just finished and was really impressed by her writing style an English Detective Story Series " A Touch of Mortality" by Ann Granger I now am a fan and will search out the other book she has written. Well that's what we do here in Canada in the Winter......Read...Read.

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