Friday, January 25, 2008

January Snow

Yes I need motivation this week, with less sunlight and grey days it is spring I wish for now. It has been so cold here like minus 10 or so most days which makes it so dry inside I have had two humidifiers going and boiled water on the stove just to get some moisture in the air, I crave warm moist air! Well a bath works well to warm you but it's the getting out and coldness that kinda ruins that idea. I took a few pictures while re arranging things in my home something I like to do, goes back to my Window Display job from the past. This is a little shelf in my kitchen and the little vingette of old papers and glass pear in my dinning room.
I will share a few pictures from my Mom and Dad's place they live 2 hours north of us and got wacked with snow this week, it looks quite pretty with the swirling snow through the trees. My Mom has a picture of a little table with Angels in it and on of my little charms too.


  1. Oh Kelli I know what you mean!
    The snow is beautiful but I have seen enough!
    I am ready for sunshine, warm air, hearing the birds singing and walking bare foot in the green grass!

    I love all your creations....everything is so pretty!
    You are an inspiration!

    Hugz, Dolly

  2. The snow looks lovely and surreal.

    Your little cupboard looks lovely - so white and sparkly. The domes is lovely - I do love those.

  3. Good day sunshine...isn't that a song or something? I'm looking for some vitamin D myself! Good time to go for a long winter hike and peak in on the sleeping world...

  4. Hi Kelly - I just posted on your Birds & Buttons garland with a link back to you - will do the other items later - spread them out so you get more exposure!!
    Everything is so pretty - I love what I've purchased from you.

    Wow - that's a lot of snow - reminds me of the years I lived in New England - and why we moved South!

    Your new banner is lovely - do you make your own?

    Well curl up with those good books and wait for the thaw - Spring is on the way. Now TWO wrens are spending the nights together in one of my hanging baskets on the porch - a good sign, the beginnings of Spring fever perhaps!!

  5. Hi Kelly gosh your photographs are breath taking, we never see snow, and I know it must be a miserable bore to you but I am sitting here with my mouth OPEN!! it's lovely. I so like all your things in your cupboard, and the pictures of your home, you are a real inspiration.
    Hugs Lynnxx

  6. Lovely displays! I winter is getting to us all. I am seeing lots of comments on gloomy moods and Springtime wishes. The snow is pretty it's time for it to go!

  7. How beautiful the snow is. We don't get very much here in Virginia, so I love every minute of it. Not everyone here agrees, though, so the roads can be a real mess. I love the little white cupboard too, so crisp and fresh. Kim

  8. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Mary's blog. I love work. It's beautiful.
    Visit me sometime,

  9. Good Morning Kelly,
    You show wonderful pictures today. I love the snow and wish we had somne this winter. But no. Only rain and storms.
    And I live in Sweden. Do you believe that.
    Your little cupboard is lovely. I have exactly the same and have painted it white and pu chicken wire in the doors.
    I've got it from my mother-in-law who I think bought it in the USA.
    If you like I can send you a picture of it.
    Love and hugs
    Eva Agnes

  10. I know those of you who have been bombarded with snow are tired of it, but I miss it so much! We haven't had a snow to speak of all winter here in my part of TN. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.


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