Friday, January 25, 2008

January Snow

Yes I need motivation this week, with less sunlight and grey days it is spring I wish for now. It has been so cold here like minus 10 or so most days which makes it so dry inside I have had two humidifiers going and boiled water on the stove just to get some moisture in the air, I crave warm moist air! Well a bath works well to warm you but it's the getting out and coldness that kinda ruins that idea. I took a few pictures while re arranging things in my home something I like to do, goes back to my Window Display job from the past. This is a little shelf in my kitchen and the little vingette of old papers and glass pear in my dinning room.
I will share a few pictures from my Mom and Dad's place they live 2 hours north of us and got wacked with snow this week, it looks quite pretty with the swirling snow through the trees. My Mom has a picture of a little table with Angels in it and on of my little charms too.

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