Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall, Colds, Soup and Blankets

That it is the flavour of the past week around here. My daughter started her first week at JK, she had a great time, but brought home the cold to visit us. I remember last spring when she was in preschool, she would start off great on Monday and by Friday sniff sniff, with a pale face and sore throat, and of course I have the same non-existent immune system as her so I can count on ac hey sniff sniff too, then it takes the weekend for us to re-coup and well wait till Friday again to roll out the blankets on the couch and fill up the pantry with Campbell's soups.....grrrr. I am doing laundry this morning, Chloe likes to drag every blanket out of the cupboards and build a nest in the couch with the dog and the cats, so I have the dryer going full tilt so by the time she gets back from school she will want the blankets again, have to kill the germs. Well I took some neo cirtin this morning so feeling a little light headed. Hope to list some new pics and glass charms this week. Well going to stir up some Tomato Rice soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches for lunch, then snug up for a nap in the fresh blankets....on the couch. Move over dog.


  1. Be well, the leaves are changing and beauty of a new kind is just around the corner! Your puppy and kitty are so sweet...our cat is in hospital for chest xrays, they think he's in heart failure...sad days ahead.

  2. Thanks Sam. Oh sorry to hear about your kitty, I know how that feels for sure. I wish these little fur babies would live forever... sigh.


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