Sunday, August 12, 2007

When we first moved in a year ago, I remember looking at these pale blue bedroom walls and at the time not a big fan of blue, but over the past year while sleeping in the room I grew to like them very much, it has a nice cloud and sky feel to the colour and now with my white bed covers yes I have my own little cloud kingdom. I think we all go though decorating stages they say maybe ever 10 years you change what you like. I am starting to weed out most pink and flowering things, frilly and foofy and simplify my living space, it's easier to clean too. Well another hot and humid day here , I like to get on my computer first thing in the morning before the sun heats up my workspace. Waiting for an order of vintage buttons I purchased off ebay to come and should have some little creations designed with them for the shop soon.

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