Thursday, August 30, 2007

Angel Of Faith

Every now and then I pick up my Angel Oracle cards for insight and words of wisdom to keep me going. This is the card I drew, the Angel of Faith and here is what it said.

We may find when life's trials are weighing heavily on us, that we can find the faith that all will come right. This faith sustains us through the hard times. We may stumble along and lose our way, but faith ultimately for our highest good can raise us above our doubts and despair. Faith is the belief that whatever it is you are asking God to deliver is already on its way. Faith is the acceptance of uncertainty and the firm belief that all comes right in the end.

In this age of instant gratification we lack the opportunities to express our faith except when grave crisis comes along. Life is really very simple when we have faith. We can follow our heart and live a committed and meaningful life in the faith that we are fulfilling a plan. We rise above our limited egos to have faith in the knowledge that this is a benign and loving universe and that we are a part of the catalyst which is changing the world to a better place.

Faith helps us to wait in patience for the light when we can see only the darkness in front of us. It is an essential component for life to have faith that whatever our destiny is , it is right for us. Faith is an ever-deepening knowledge that we are guided, loved and protected at all times.

We can pray to The Angel Of Faith to help us renew our faith in the process of life. It will help us to accept those things which we cannot change, as well as all that had been given us to work with and refine in our lives. I ask the Angel of Faith to guide me on my path to happiness and healing.


  1. I have to admit, I'm not into the card thing, but I love what you wrote here about Faith. Beautiful words. The Hebrews write in 11:1 that "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." I cling to that scripture daily. I know what I hope for, and I'm certain God already has a plan for me, so I don't have to fear. Now just walking in that is another story. It can be really hard walking out faith..but I'm certain of what I do not see and so faith comes alive. Its a circle. An if-then approach. And Angels are mighty warriors like your picture, not cute sweet chubby beings running around in diapers. They are huge, magestic protectors who war over us for our good. Thanks for reminding me about Michael! Amen sister! Amen.

  2. thanks so much for sharing, that is very inspiring to read...
    Take care Cathy


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