Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh this heat, even my poor plants are suffereing. They now have a watering ban on in our city so goodbye grass, unless we get some rain soon. This plant sits outside side my studio window, usually my cats are in the window too, but they are slunk out in front of a fan right now. I have been dipping in my daughters pool, even the water is 78 wow but it is still refreshing, it's our birdbath. Is this global warming? Well off to get some errands done, post office, groceries, and library book drop, then I think we will be back in the pool to cool off. Chloe can't wait till school starts, she keeps asking when do I go Mommy? Try to explain 2 weeks to a 4 year old. I will wait till next week before I buy her outfit, since she probably want to wear it every day.

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