Wednesday, August 4, 2010

*Have Faith*

This is what my 85 year old neighbour advised me of the other day as we were outside chatting in my front lawn, "yes dear, there is some many terrible things happening in the world right now, it is just to up setting for me to even watch the news anymore, this world and all these money greedy people are going to hell in a handbasket.!" I chuckled at that thought...but you know after I thought about her words of wisdom...she does have a seems todays lifestyles are set on one person trying to out-do another whether in sports...with what they buy... the houses they live in...the lawns they keep...Christmas decorations...more Halloween decorations, more ..more.... more......
the list could go on and is senseless dribble...and at the end of the day what does this all give you...more
debt to make you more miserable!!!!

I came across this book the other day at a booksale, and so glad I found it, this is something every young girl needs to be read at the age of about 6 or 7
Have you ever heard of "The English Roses"
is the name of this book by Madonna, not a real fan of her other works but the set of 5 books she has out right now should be on every child's bed stand.

Children's books teach Morals....and the Moral of this story is
how jealousy & want can ruin your life and control your emotions.

I love the kicker page here
"Haven't you ever been green with envy?"
Or felt like you might explode if you didn't get what someone else had?
and on the back of the book it states
This is the first of five books for children
(even grown up ones), sweet.

I try to keep my lifestyle simple and not get caught up in the fight for the golden's really hard to do when you have a 7 year old in the school system today, that is constantly exposed to the empty sink or swim taught behavior of other kids, that was taught to them by their parents.

priceless words of wisdom beautifully illustrated, I love this book and will buy her others
I secretly want to give a copy of this book to every young girl's Mother at my daughter's school yard.
Lots De Casha
Me. Peabodys Apples
The English Roses Too Good To Be True.

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