Thursday, August 12, 2010

As the summer slowly starts to roll into harvest season, I can always tell what time of year it is without even looking at the calandar, on the Pagan calandar it is called Lamass which mean "Bread and Beer" feasting, the farmers make the first cuts of hay in the fields and it is celebrated with a feast of the bread and beer made with the first cut. For those of us with hay fever allergies like myself, we don't do too much celebrating, well maybe if we drink beer that might help our symptoms ease a little bit!

I have to keep busy inside with air conditioning or I become useless, so I read and school my daughter with lots of great books, and spend time writing letters or painting or sewing.
I will be working on some new paintings which will be added to my shop in the next week or so watch for some fall inspired silhouettes and maybe a few papercuttings that will be framed and my favourite little miniatures in gold frames.

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