Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Mom took a few pictures of her neighbours cat Marley, he likes to drop over to visit every day in her backyard, I know my cats do that here too, they know which neighbours are welcoming and the ones that aren't...I think they actually poop on the ones that aren't.. but anyway one less clump I have to scoop up outa my box, so be nice to cats or they will poop on your lawn!!!!

I can read his mind, here is Mr. Marley contemplating his day, Hmmmm.....shall I catch a bird.....or maybe a juicy mouse.........or wait till the nice lady comes out and gives me a treat!

Ohhhh dear....well that was enough work for one day, now I think I will take a 16 hour nap under that lilac bush over there......ahhhh. I love orange tabbies I have never owned one, I am sure I will one day, right now we have a house full, one spoiled Chubby Chiuauha, a Mouthy Siamese cat named Ming, a Long haired ewok named Princess, and a stripped grey tabby named Prince, a black and white tuxedo cat named Suki and a little lost grey and white cat named Teeka.


  1. Quite a menagerie you have. Mr. Marley is a beautiful color.
    We have a cat, too, Muncher (my son named him). I never blogged about him, but maybe now I will.

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Marley's day with us.


  2. Marley looks quite content and well fed. I always wanted a cat like this, would name her marmalade :)


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