Monday, November 30, 2009

Tea Time leaves, no fruit, no flowers....that is November.....well now today is a real November day. After nursing a head cold for most of the weekend I did feel well enough to get back to my studio this afternoon, with the help of my little heater stove and hot peppermint tea, I have soothed my aches as well as my eyes...with warming up my with tea and warming up my toes. I walk my daughter to school and today was ever so damp and cold.

So enough complaining about that, and now to share some lovely inspiring books I have come across this weekend, one of the books if called Sew Pretty Christmas, I have it on loan from the library right now I may decide to buy a copy of this book for it has some lovely patterns and ideas in it! The magazine I was looking through also had so very sweet holiday decor ideas, that I thought was worth a picture, these few pics are from Romantic Homes, Jan edition, wow!!! already....I thought it was the holiday issue, oh well it is still good to look through! The tree is so cute and not overdone, I love the soft colours with bits of red and the snuggily Orange Ginger Cat perched on the chair, the pink and reds give a nice glowing warmth... that we miss from our summer days.

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  1. Thinking of you Kelly as I hang my Christmas decorations! Sorry you've been under the weather and hope the warming peppermint tea helps.

    Stay warm and enjoy readying for Christmas.
    Hugs - Mary


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