Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a few fun pictures of our very windy and spooky Halloween Night, my cats were very curious of all the lights and sounds of goblins running down our street, Prince decided to check things out for himself at the screen door then go back and tell the others what he sees! My dog Chi was not to impressed with her spider costume this year she tried to bit the legs off and was a bit embarrassed by the whole deal. Princess and Ming stayed out of the way and watched from the couch they were not too sure about all this goblin fun! My Daughter and Husband brought us home lots of little candies and some tales of spooky houses on our street to share with us!

Is it November already!!!! Oh boy life is just going too fast! I always think of my anniversary once the last wind blow leaves are left on the trees outside, we decided to have a fall evening Wedding with lots of pretty warm glowing candles in the Church and at out Dinner reception and one of my favourite pictures of our wedding was taken outside at night in front of 3 birch trees speckled with golden leaves.

II have always liked this picture and had it framed and now when I look at it years later after my daughter has been born she is now 6.....it was almost as if those trees behind us were a representation of our life together the two larger trees with one small one in the middle, I think if time permits this year I will go back to that spot and see if I can get another picture of us in front of the birch trees.

Happy fall blowing and swirling leaves to you all!

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