Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pink Balloons and Party Hats

Well just recovering from a fun filled weekend, my daughter celebrated her 6th birthday and this was the first real just kids party that we had done for her, so she was excited to invite some kindergarten friends, we settled on 8 but she would have had the whole class come if she could!
I have had a bit of experience with looking after little ones when I volunteered with her preschool classes so I know what I was in store for! But my Hubby did not!
He was white in the face and exhausted by then end of the afternoon, ha ha. We filled the house with pink and white balloons, and lots of white fairy lights, cookies and pink lemonade on the menu, I baked my first real birthday cake, my daughter had to have double chocolate, lots of colored sprinkles on top and I made the cake topper using one of my paper doll designs but with Angelina Ballerina wearing a glittery skirt. They had a good time we rented a bouncer castle tent for the back yard so they spent most of the time in there, sugar and bouncing, that's what 6 year olds are good at!


Chloe graduated from being what I call a baby girl to a little girl, my how time flies. 6 is a nice age and I do like the time we spend together much more now than toddler-hood which is mostly work, but not all bad. I am sure if you are Mother you know what I mean. My daughter has now taken a bit of interest in decorating her room, so we may do a bit of painting to change the wall color soon, might do a soft pink or blush color or pale green. I always wanted to do a few art pieces for a little girls room so I did find some time to draw a Cat Princess wearing a fancy dress, I added some soft colors with pastels. We love cats around our house so that theme seems to appear in each room, in my bedroom I have my Cat Sisters Collage print framed beside my bed.
I plan to do a few more of these little drawings, I think I will do a Velveteen Rabbit a Fox or Dog in fancy clothes. I will add this little print of my Cat Princess to my etsy shop in case you may have a little girl to shop for or maybe you just like pretty pictures!

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    The party sounds so delightful. What great decorations. I'll bet your little one felt like a princess for the day. Yes, I know what you mean about toddlers taking so much care. I was always worried to take my eyes off of them. It was great when they got old enough to reason for themselves a little.
    Happy birthday to sweet girl.


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