Friday, January 16, 2009

In Memory of Patches

While taking a break from my work with paper arts, I have been doing a bit of painting and drawing over the past while. I like working on small works like little silhouettes done in pencil first then aged with different layers of paint, whatever it is I have to be able to do it near a warm spot in the evening near the wood stove, in our house we have a waiting line of animals to get near the heat vents and the stoves! The dog usually wins but if the cat sneaks up quietly and very slowly curls up beside her then the dog won't move, I guess being a siamese their fur is very short good for warm climates. On the topic of animals we sadly had to say goodbye to my eldest cat Patches, he was my favorite of cats with a personality and knowing look in his yellow green gaze second to no other cat I have met. He would walk with us on walks around the block just like a dog, even on Halloween he would follow us on our trick or treat walk. One day about 10 years ago in a pitiful state he crawled up my front step staving and almost frozen, and the rest was history. It is a decision all pet owners face, if and when to decide your animals fate, not to let them suffer. If only we could have our faithful friends live human years instead of cat and dog years. Well maybe one day a white cat with grey patches may wander up my step.

In Memory of Patches 1999-2009 aka Cotton Puffy

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