Sunday, January 18, 2009

Historical Painting

When the temp drops and drops...ah...-25c and you are knee deep in snow, but what else can you do but paint...since I do not like to cook! Over the past few weeks I have tried to keep my mind occupied on drawing and I am glad my daughter likes drawing and painting as well. I have tried to encourage her to take dance lessons but no she does not like it at all!
I have listed a few new pieces in my etsy shop this weekend , my original Silhouette on Wood which is completely hand drawn and painted using various layers to age the piece nicely. I have 2 other new works as well one just for Valentines in a painted wood frame and a Girl in Bonnet print in a aged brown wood frame, these look so nice sitting on my mantel I will enjoy them until they are sold then hope to make replacements for myself! I have a few new pieces in the works which are painted and aged Wood Silouhettes and 19th century Period standing paper dolls from my original watercolor artwork, Sarabeth and Prudence will be introduced to you this month.

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