Monday, March 3, 2008


As promised I mentioned in my last post that I would share a picture of my latest flea market find, here is on one of the old bottles that I picked up with a new charm around it. I used a bit of cheese cloth to tie the charm on the bottle and used the french spelling of Lavender "Lavande" on the front of this charm and the back of this little one is a stamped image onto old book paper. I put this little display on my window sill near my ironing board makes ironing more fun. I have been working on a few other decor, charm designs and with share those pics with you later this week. Thank you for all your lovely comments and stopping by to visit.


  1. How lovely the bottle is. I love the softness of the color. It would definately make ironing a better experiance. I am off to bed to dream of aqua and cream clouds... Fondly, Kim

  2. A lovely idea - and so simple.


  3. What a great find!! The bottle is
    such a beautiful color and especially
    in the sunlight.. Love your blog..:)

  4. So pretty! I just love your blog!

    Have a happy day


  5. I love it..and the simpleness!!
    smiles, deena


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